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World Cancer Day – 4 February 2017Wanderers Pink Cricket - 1

Momentum ODI – PinkDay at Bidvest Wanderers

South Africa vs Sri Lanka 

Please help us to build confidence by participating and, through this, raising breast cancer awareness. Participate in our Pink Cricket Selfie campaign.
Our Goal: R 500,000
Raised: R 0


It is a simple challenge and will only take a few minutes of your time. Follow these 4 easy steps:

Wanderers Pink Cricket - team

Step 1: Take a “selfie” of yourself or your favorite team wearing something PINK.  Something that makes you feel beautiful.

Step 2: Make a donation to PinkDrive by using one of the following options:

Wanderers Pink Cricket - smsSMS – Send an SMS to 40158 to donate R20. (Terms and Conditions apply)

Paypal – International payments only (USD)

Payfast – Local payments only (ZAR)


Step 3: Upload your “selfie” on the upload page. Depending on your method of donation, fill in the form, select your your selfie and upload.

Step 4: Click the share button above to share your selfie on Facebook.

Copy and paste the following message:

  • I was nominated by (enter the person’s name who nominated you). I nominate all the boys and girls tagged. I was challenged and now I’m challenging you.

Then nominate 30 (if you can) or more, gorgeous women and men to do the same. Remember to tag PinkDrive – simply type @PinkDrive and their page will be tagged.

Donation Section

PayPal – International only (USD) PayFast – Local payment only (ZAR)
Use this Button for Individual or Group Photos and if you want to pay in USD from an International location – for local RSA payments, please use Payfast section to the right —>>

Individual Photos – donate here. The donation amount is R 20 and cannot be changed. If you want to donate more please use the group donation on the right –>> > Group Photos – donate here (Please choose your donation amount – R 20 per person in the photo. Please enter the correct amount before you continue )

* Amount
* Cell Number


Your participation will help us to remind people of their, and your true beauty, and create much needed awareness for Breast Cancer.

Together we can raise more funds, build more units and save more lives.

The PinkCricket selfie campaign is proudly brought to you by:
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