To donate directly via GivenGain click the donate button below.

You can support PinkDrive by becoming an Activist on our GivenGain page and set up your own fundraising page. Simply register as an activist on GivenGain, promote your profile and have your supporters, sponsors and friends raise funds for PinkDrive as your beneficiary.

  • All you need to do is:
  • Register your profile and provide details of your fundraising project and your reason for selecting PinkDrive as the beneficiary.
  • Share your profile (link to your profile) with friends, family and sponsors on social networks and email.
  • All that your supporters need to do is click on your link to make their donation in support of PinkDrive.
  • All funds raised will go to PinkDrive with no hassles of deposits or cash in and out of your account.

All funds raised goes towards keeping the PinkDrive mobile units on the move to communities, offering the much needed services.