Leave a Bequest to PinkDrive NPC

Leave a legacy of hope by helping PinkDrive NPC provide cancer screening to the medically uninsured.

Ways to make your bequest

A gift in your will could be in the form of a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, a specified property, by ceding a policy or a residual amount. Whichever form of giving you choose; you will make an investment in the early detection of gender related cancer in South Africa. We’re grateful for every gift we receive – just a small percentage of what you have to leave can help us enormously.

How to do it

It is straightforward to include a gift to PinkDrive NPC in your will. All you must do is give your attorney our registered address and registration numbers:

PinkDrive NPC, P.O. Box 69618, Bryanston, 202, Johannesburg, Gauteng, PinkDrive NPC registered non-profit organisation number is: 143-047 and public benefit organisation number is: 930025386.

That’s it. Your attorney will do the rest, so it really couldn’t be easier.

If you have an existing Will, you can make a minor change to it without having to redo the whole Will. You can easily do this by adding a supplement – known as a codicil. For instance, if you would like to leave a gift to PinkDrive NPC, your attorney can draw up a simple codicil form which is then attached to your Will.  Your gift in your Will to PinkDrive NPC is exempt from estate duty

If you have decided that you want to include PinkDrive NPC in your will, please take a moment to notify us. We would appreciate the opportunity to thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Expressing your last wishes

As you consider how best to care for the needs of your family and those you care about, you may also wish to consider expressing your last wishes. As a valued supporter of PinkDrive NPC you understand how all gifts can make a lifesaving difference to the communities we work with.

Donations in memory or in lieu of flowers can be a wonderful way for family and friends to celebrate and honour your life. If you would like to discuss this please do get in touch with our office on 011 998 8022 or e-mail us on noelene@pinkdrive.co.za