We are a Global Marketing and Distribution Company, suppliers of non toxic, environmentally friendly products around the globe using the national and our international network to make the latest technology and products available to all in order to save humans, animals and our environment.

We have concluded our agreement between PinkDrive and Vice Versa Group South-Africa and we will donate 5% of AKTIVORA sales to PinkDrive in support of their cause. We will also attend to all the sites and do the surface disinfection and present the product to all attending by display of our promotional table at each venue.

Group Head Mr Koena Nkoko, next to him is the Ward Councillor, ward 98 Cllr Nosipho Mtakati  and MMC of Health Rina Marx

National Services provided by Vice Versa Group South-Africa (Pty) Ltd
All first-time clients will receive the initial surface disinfecting labour-free using AKTIVORA and a fogging machine.

  • After first treatment with AKTIVORA, a certificate of compliance to the above-mentioned law will be issued to the premises and must can be displayed on your premises and shown to the Health Inspector upon request.
  • Vice Versa Group SA provides a disinfection service on premises.
  • We can also assist you in the monthly upkeep of your compliance on your premises, if you so wish.
  • We will additionally provide training to your cleaning staff alternatively the staff of your appointed cleaning contractor, for the continued application and maintenance processes as well as safety protocols on your premises.
  • After the training, we issue each staff member with a certificate of attendance and completion of the training (required by law)
  • Any person using AKTIVORA as a hand sanitiser will become the barrier as the technology in AKTIVORA will last up to 24 hours on human skin.
  • AKTIVORA as a preventative surface Disinfectant will assist all industry to be compliant to law and by doing so experience monthly costs saving between 30% and 60% in order be compliant in their sanitising and surface disinfecting needs.
Vice Versa Group South Africa supports PinkDrive
MMC for Health, Ms Rina Marx

Legal requirements for all industry in South-Africa and the AKTIVORA solution
Current Covid-19 Workplace Regulations as per government gazette No: 43257

  • In terms of the current Covid-19 Workplace Regulations, we wish to bring to your attention that only certified products may be used for the effective treatment and prevention of the spread of SARS CoV-2 (Covid 19).
  • In order to establish if a product is effective in the killing of the virus, it should have been tested against Covid-19, and should then be certified accordingly.
  • A tested and certified product will carry SANS CODE 54476 (or the equivalent British Standard BS EN 14476- British Standards)
  • In the event that your current surface disinfectant solution and hand sanitiser does not carry the abovementioned certification, we would like to remind you that this leads to a failure to adhere to the current Covid-19 Workplace Regulations, the Occupational Health and Safety Act (the Act which requires you to provide and maintain a safe area for both staff and the public) and the Basic Employment Act.
  • For the different industries, the products that you may use must also carry further SANS CODES for your specified industry. The product AKTIVORA has been tested and complies with the SANS CODES for most industries and use of the product will allow you to be compliant to the abovementioned regulations and to your industry specifications/requirements and provide a safe environment for all to work in and use.
  • When used in accordance with the application protocols, AKTIVORA will save you in product content, labour and possibly insurance costs – (additional premiums for hazardous / flammable / dangerous goods being stored on your premises like alcohol and toxic chemicals is not applicable).

Alcohol and other chemical based Wet Wipes versus Wet Wipes infused with AKTIVORA

  • Most alcohol and chemical based products do not have the legal required certification and we find that very few, if any, were tested against Covid-19.
  • Usage of this wet wipe will cause the user to not be compliant to regulations and law on their premises.
  • Further to that, most other wet wipes will only kill germs, bacteria and viruses on impact, and once they evaporate the treated area is unprotected. This results in the user having to apply surface disinfectant every time an object or person has touched and area in order to be legally compliant and in order to stop cross contamination of germs, bacteria and viruses to their staff and the public.
  • The proven long-lasting technology in Aktivora resolves all of the above and saves the user costs while ensuring the user is compliant to Occupational Health and Safety.


To arrange an Area Consultant to contact you, please contact us:
For information about your local Area Consultant: info@viceversagroup.biz
To request product information: admin@viceversagroup.biz
To place an order: orders@viceversagroup.biz
To request surface disinfecting: contractors@viceversagroup.biz
Website: www.viceversagroup.biz

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