Just because we are in a pandemic, does not mean that cancer will simply ‘pause’ – the two, unfortunately, continue to rage on simultaneously. PinkDrive, with funding from partners, has been using its resources to actively assist in vaccinating the most vulnerable in our communities, across the country. 

Prior to the pandemic, PinkDrive was celebrated for our dedication and contribution to communities in providing free screening for and awareness of gender related cancers. Early detection has always been our priority, however, navigating life within the global pandemic resulted in expanding our mission: PinkDrive is now preventing the further spread of COVID-19.

Working with the National Department of Health (NDoH) and using the celebrated PinkDrive mobile clinics, known for providing free breast health assessments across the country, we have been successful in providing additional screening, testing and vaccinations.

Accompanied by Jean de Villiers, Head of Philanthropy at Citadel, PinkDrive recently visited U-Turn Service Centre in Muizenberg to administer vaccines to some of South Africa’s most vulnerable citizens: those without homes. De Villiers lifted spirits as he was shown around the mobile clinic and spoke with the nurses as well as those receiving vaccines. The Citadel Philanthropy Foundation is one of the numerous philanthropic entities who have made generous donations to assist in PinkDrive’s efforts, having recently donated R200 000.

Contributions received by PinkDrive have been allocated to upskilling formerly unemployed nurses who are now administering vaccinations while earning an income.

Thanks to donors, PinkDrive will continue to provide vehicles and drivers to assist in providing vaccinations in Gauteng, the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal with a special focus on homeless shelters, old age homes, soup kitchens and shelters for victims of gender-based violence to ensure that the most vulnerable are not left behind in the vaccination efforts.