In a year of dramatic change, brought about by a global pandemic, the annual Conscious Companies Awards 2021, in partnership with Primeserv and BNP Paribas, has over the years, encouraged and nurtured leadership to surrender to a new way of being and to cultivate a deepened understanding of conscious leadership.

The Conscious Companies Awards is a coveted badge of honour where the Finalists, despite the economic challenges and uncertain business environments, maintain their integrity, ethics and value systems as well as being conscientious about people. It triggers a chord in most conscious, visionary leaders to do things differently to create a workplace of meaning and productivity and transform and uplift society, without losing sight of productivity, performance and profit.

The quest to find South Africa’s Conscious Company reaches its climax on September 9th at a black tie gala event where the winners will be announced by Prof. Mervyn King. Over the past months, entries have poured in from big, medium, small, listed and unlisted enterprises as well as multinationals.

Brenda Kali, CEO of Conscious Companies says: “We have a profound opportunity from the current morass we find ourselves in, to breed a different quality of leadership and change the course and psyche of a nation. The Awards celebrate courageous leaders who embrace consciousness and a new way of thinking and being in the world”.

Merrick Abel, CEO of Primeserv strongly believes in the responsibility of leadership for good.  He says: “Conscious and responsible leadership has proven to be an essential component in enabling effective management within the dystopian like environment facing so many since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Conscious leaders seek to make a meaningful difference by empowering those around them to build a better world for all.”

The top ten finalists may not be perfect but they are a unique breed of men and women who have displayed a strong sense of purpose, values, innovation and an intuitive understanding of people.

The Top Six Companies in The Business Category are:  (in alphabetical order).

  • AECI, Group CEO: Mark Dytor, a dynamic leader who has been with the organisation for over 37 years.
  • JumpCO, CEO: Stephen Mahony, a unique social entrepreneur, who created JumpCO over 20 years ago.
  • MIP Holdings, CEO: Richard Firth, a visionary committed to nurturing talent in the technology space.
  • Nestlé East & Southern Africa Region, CEO: Bruno Olierhoek, who believes in the power of his people and the ability to embrace change as a key enabler for growth.
  • Primestars, CEO: Martin Sweet, the robust leader of a national youth development organisation for high school learners from underserved communities.
  • Standard Bank Consumer & High Networth, CE: Funeka Montjane, who heads the Standard Bank division, is committed to driving sustainable and Inclusive economic growth on the continent.

The Top Four Companies in The NGO/NPC Category are: (in alphabetical order).

  • PinkDrive, CEO: Noelene Kotschan, founded PinkDrive to raise cancer awareness, especially for those without access to reasonable healthcare.
  • Shared Value Africa Initiative, CEO: Tiekie Barnard’s ‘profit with purpose’ passion advocates creating, through business, economic value and value for society.
  • Santa Shoebox, Founder: Irenè Pieters, together with her CEO Debbie Zelezniak and their team, distribute gifts of essentials and treats to underprivileged children reaching over a million children to date.
  • TEARS, CEO: Mara Glennie founded TEARS as a life-saving service to eliminate gender-based violence and facilitate the process with victims, through the pitfalls of our justice system.

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About Conscious Companies
The ethos of Conscious Companies is to ignite a socio-economic and political environment with an authentic expression of ethics and consciousness. Through various platforms and initiatives, Conscious Companies provides an opportunity for leadership to shape thinking, behaviour, purpose and responsibility by deepening the conversations and actions of those in power to influence, guide and address societal imbalances, maintain transparency and understand the impact of conscious , ethical leadership on humanity.