“As a people, we must perform what is at this time the greatest service to our fellow man and woman. We should go out and get vaccinated so we can secure the health of our nation. More than one million citizens in the 35+ age category registered for vaccinations last week. This record registration, taking place in a week when we were experiencing such mayhem, says a great deal about our national character. It speaks to our resilience and determination. It speaks to our enduring optimism that things will indeed get better.”
President Cyril Ramaphosa 18 July 2021

Current COVID 19 Vaccine Partners

  • ABSA
  • Aspen Pharma
  • Standard Bank
  • Vumatel
  • Rand Water Foundation
  • Supergroup / FleetAfrica
  • Citadel Philanthropy Foundation Trust

With funding from our partners, PinkDrive can provide trained vaccinators, vehicles and drivers to the public sector vaccination sites in Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal to assist with the acceleration of the vaccine to communities with their mobile medical teams and employing ‘unemployed’ nurses and drivers.

The distribution of vaccines to sufficient people to reach herd immunity is the single biggest task the National Department of Health (NDoH) has ever faced. Partnerships between the corporate sector and civil society on the ground is critical to avoid a further crisis in hospitals.

As of Friday 23 July, South Africa’s known death toll was 69 488, with South Africa’s caseload since the start of the pandemic at just under 2.37 million. On the vaccine front, over 5 million jabs have been administered in this country since the start of government’s rollout.

The violent protests and looting in South Africa led to the closing down of several Covid vaccination sites in KwaZulu- Natal and Gauteng. As a result, KwaZulu-Natal this week only administered a 10th of the daily doses it did last week. Gauteng’s doses have also gone down.

To amplify the vaccination process, the NDoH will need to access resources from the private  sector  and  civil society. They have recognised this need and appealed to PinkDrive to assist in rolling out the vaccine.

Our medical staff are trained in the vaccination process and have stepped up to assist the National Department of Health (NDoH) in providing vaccines to the most vulnerable in the pandemic, the frontline personnel and people aged 35 years and above.

Thanks to the generous contribution from corporates and philanthropic entities, PinkDrive is able to assist the NDoH with the acceleration of the vaccine to communities with our mobile medical teams. With further assistance, we can continue our support and employ previously ‘unemployed’ nurses and drivers.

For more than ten years, PinkDrive has made the health of vulnerable South Africans their priority. The thought is simple: ‘early detection will help prolong a life’. While the organisation’s historical role has been cancer detection, in these times of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, it has broadened its mission to prevent the further spread of the virus COVID-19. In addition to screening and testing in 2020 we are now ready to tackle the vaccination rollout.

PinkDrive’s unerring mission mirrors that of the NDoH to prolong lives through the prevention of illness, disease, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles, and to consistently improve the health care delivery system by focusing on access, equity, efficiency, quality, and sustainability.

Province Staff Health Care Workers Over 60’s 1st Dose Over 60’s 2nd Dose Over 50’s 1st Dose Over 50’s 2nd Dose Over 35’s 1st Dose Over 35’s 2nd Dose Adverse Effect after Vaccination
Gauteng Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital /
Chiawelo Clinic City of Johannesburg – District D
12 Nurses
2 Drivers
2 Vehicles
1,317 24,246 1,709 1,365 924
Kwa-Zulu Natal Nelson Mandela Youth Centre/ RK Khan Hospital Chatsworth 5 Nurses
1 Driver
1 Vehicle
139 10,018 6,152 1,437 13 7 4 1
Western Cape Various Retirement Homes 2 Nurses
1 Driver
1 Vehicle
212 3,291 87
TOTAL 51,743 1,668 37,555 8,769 2,802 13 931 4 1

What Donors Say

“We are going to live with COVID-19 for the foreseeable future, and it is our firm intention to act in solidarity with the communities we serve across Africa. We remain committed to the implementation of strict hygiene and health protocols and undertake to walk the road ahead together with our customers, clients, and communities. It is through vigilance and collaboration that we will overcome the many facets of this crisis,” says Sazini Mojapelo, Managing Executive, Absa Corporate Citizenship and Community Investments.

“Standard Bank is committed to supporting the South African government’s efforts to vaccinate the country’s frontline health workers. We are very pleased to support this joint initiative between the Department of Health and Pink Drive, which will travel to community clinics across three provinces, bringing the vaccination programme to people in remote areas”. Standard Bank South Africa CSI

“Vumatel was greatly encouraged by the work PinkDrive is doing in fight against the COVID 19 pandemic in South Africa. Vumatel is a technology company that believes in creating opportunities for ordinary people to do extraordinary things. With the support of the corporate sector PinkDrive has provided phenomenal support to the National Department of Health to flatten the curve of the pandemic and we are proud to be associated with Noelene and her team.” Explains Lianne Williams, Head of Marketing, Vumatel.

 “For more than ten years, PinkDrive has made the health of vulnerable South Africans their priority. The thought is simple: ‘early detection will help prolong a life’. While the organisation’s historical role has been cancer detection, in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has broadened its mission to prevent the further spread of the virus. PinkDrive is now screening and testing for COVID-19 in partnership with government. To assist in these efforts, the Citadel Philanthropy Foundation has partnered with PinkDrive by providing funding to increase testing capacity in some of our country’s most vulnerable communities. For us to be stronger together, health is vital. This virus and has shown us now, more than ever, South Africa’s ability to mount a remarkable response to any challenge we face as a nation.” Andrew Möller, CEO, Citadel.

 Aspen Pharmacare Senior Executive of Strategic Trade, Stavros Nicolaou said, “Aspen is proud to be part of a partnership with an organisation such as PinkDrive, who constantly seek out new and innovative ways to bring extended capacity towards our healthcare system. We believe that this initiative will be a positive addition to the country’s inoculation program and will assist in restoring our country’s economy and returning us back to some normalcy.”

The Foundation is mandated to coordinate, administer, and manage Rand Water’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) resources by undertaking community development projects in partnership with various donors to support Government initiatives in bringing services to communities. The Foundation deems it necessary to join hands with PinkDrive in contributing towards government s’ COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Programme objective of reaching herd immunity in the country through the mobilisation of trained medical staff to reach out to the vulnerable communities in need of the vaccine. Over and above the vaccine, awareness and education of society on the COVID 19 will continue through distribution of RWF branded COVID-19 educational pamphlets.

Beneficiary Comments

“PinkDrive has played a significant role in our current success,” shares Professor Richard Cooke Academic Head of the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care at Wits university. “As we expand the vaccination programme throughout the country, including key stakeholders from the private sector, the capacity needs of the programme will increase dramatically.”

“Thank you for your continued support in assisting with the community projects at R K Khan Hospital. The five nurses that are assigned to the Nelson Mandela Youth Centre (COVID -19 vaccine Roll out sites) has been a tremendous help to assist with the mass roll out of the vaccination project. The nurses are able to vaccinate +/- 60 clients per day per team, under supervision. Management appreciates the support with the provision of labour, due to the ongoing staffing crisis. The five nurses provided us with some relief with staffing needs to rollout the mass COVID 19 vaccinations, so that we can ensure the community achieves herd immunity. Your ongoing support is kindly appreciated. Thank you.” ANM D Beechetty, Matron, RK Khan Hospital

Vaccine Programme in Pictures




Refreshments for Vaccination Site at Chiawelo Clinic, Gauteng provided by Vuma

Vaccination Site Chatsworth Community Youth Centre