Join the PinkDrive Cancer Ribbon Campaign and help us honor a cancer fighter, a survivor and remember all those who have lost their lives

Send a personal message of support to a friend, family member or loved one who is FIGHTING Cancer or who has PASSED on due to Cancer, or even in CELEBRATION for those who have survived Cancer.

Purchase a Virtual Ribbon for R50 or a pack of 5 for R200, send a personal message to the person you choose and PinkDrive will e-deliver it with care.

The person who is fighting cancer or who has survived cancer will receive an e-message from you and to people who have passed on, PinkDrive will print out the message and put it on out wall of remembrance. On Mandela Day, we will take a picture of the wall and share it with all.

Light Pink
– for someone you have lost.
Dark Pink
– for a fighter/survivor.

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Contact Gaynor- for more information

Fighting CANcer does not take 67 seconds, hours or years, it takes determination, courage, strength and most of all support from family, friends and loved ones. We, as PinkDrive, want to be your determination, courage, strength, family and friend whether you are in the fight or supporting the fight.