Heritage Day celebrated on the 24th of September recognises and celebrates the cultural wealth of our rainbow nation. This public holiday is more than just a day off work. It is a celebration of our past and the present contribution of our South Africans in making our beautiful country what it is today. On this day, we’d like to share the heritage of our proudly South African company, FUTURELIFE®.

The journey of FUTURELIFE® began in 2008 primarily as a social project to help improve the lives of malnourished and disadvantaged people in sub-Saharan Africa. Our aim was to create the most nutritional product possible at the lowest cost and with total convenience. It had to have a great taste and could be enjoyed by just adding water. We believed the product should contain only the highest quality ingredients.

We established a research team made up of doctors and dieticians and it took them two years to develop a product that offered all these benefits. We decided to call it FUTURELIFE® because it was created specifically to give people the hope of a happy and healthy “future life”.

FUTURELIFE® proved so nutritious and popular with everyone who received it, that we decided to repackage it and market it to all South Africans.

The product now known as FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ offers complete nutrition with an internationally recommended blend of energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well as 21 vitamins and minerals delivering 50% of your daily requirements for all vitamins and most minerals. It also contains additional functional ingredients including fibre, inulin (prebiotic) and MODUCARE® (a daily immune supplement).

One serving of FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ is the equivalent of:

In addition to its nutrition, FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ offers convenience in 4 delicious flavours and can be consumed as a meal, shake or smoothie by simply adding milk or water.

It truly is remarkable to look back and celebrate how the FUTURELIFE® brand has evolved. We offer a wide range of products in line with our company’s vision to change the way people think about nutrition and its role in their lives and in doing so, inspire and help people to make nutritionally superior choices in their quest for healthier and happier lives.

We are proud of our own history and the ‘smart food’ we contribute to the breakfast cereal isles around South Africa. Every day we receive hundreds of emails from people with their personal stories on how FUTURELIFE® has changed their lives. These people are from all cultures and walks of life- some are mothers who are happy in the knowledge that they are now providing their families with excellent nutrition, many are already fit athletes who find that FUTURELIFE® gives them the sustained energy they need for endurance events and others are diabetics, cancer survivors, people with multiple sclerosis, suffering from IBS or faced with other health challenges who have FUTURELIFE® to assist them in promoting a more balanced life.

So, what are you waiting for? Raise your spoon, shaker or glass filled with FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ to celebrate Heritage Day with our proudly South African company, FUTURELIFE®.