During the month of October my global team have been running various campaigns to either sponsor ‘care packages’ to Cancer Wards or donate profits from sales to cancer research charities in Australia; Singapore; UK and in SA.

Please support this campaign locally by purchasing one of 3 ‘kind-to-you’ unisex; aloe vera based products from my online shop www.beyondabundance.flp.com select SHOP / South Africa (or email me at  alisoncoates@flp.com).  NO harsh chemicals just soothing aloe vera and other natural ingredients.  I have specifically chosen these 3 products for their ‘kind’ ingredients, so whether you buy them for yourself or for someone you know who is undergoing treatment you will know they are skin friendly and gentle.

All profits from the sale of these 3 products will be donated by myself to PinkDrive. In 2017 I raised R600 and I am hoping to triple that this year.

This will apply to orders placed MONDAY 1st October until 31st October included.

For more information, please click here