First entry.

My journey with breast cancer started 20 years ago when I met my best friend who had been treated for it and had a single mastectomy.  I adore her to this day and was so moved by the community that helped save her that I went to every fund raising breast cancer event since. My mom was diagnosed 6 years ago with breast cancer and died with it (not from it). Then in January 2017 I was diagnosed with 3 DCIS tumours in my right breast.

I know that every woman has a unique journey with this disease and my most important message in this first blog is one that motivates PinkDrive: Early detection saves lives.

I believe early detection not only saves your life but will dramatically improve the choices you can make in your treatment.

Breast self-exam, an attentive lover, mammograms, ultrasounds, difference in appearance and genetic testing will help detect.  Mine was a feeling: a resonance in my soul that something was not right and that was after a clear mammogram and ultrasound.  So I say trust your instincts!

How did you detect yours? Let us share our stories so others can learn from our experiences.[ “1/4”][ “”]