Tekkie Tax 2018 Campaign


Some of out biggest National Welfare Organisations in SA have joined forces to conduct one BIG Fundraising Campaign called Tekkie Tax. Together we represent more than 1,200 grassroots level NGOs all over the country. This year, we will be joined by our extended international Tekkie Family in California (USA), truly making Tekkie Tax an International Fundraising Campaign.


The Story

The first Tekkie Tax Campaign took place in 2013 and R2.4 million was raised. Since its inception, the Campaign raised an astounding R30.5 million. The 2017 campaign another impressive R8 239 625! After the annual audit in October, all proceeds are distributed before the end of November every year.

The Campaign is supported by thousands of people, companies, NGOs & schools and we are thankful to each person for joining in the fun. Thanks to them, this is quickly becoming the MOST significant Fundraising Campaign in SA.

How does it work?

1. Members of the public are asked to choose a Tekkie Tax sticker for a donation of only R10. There are five different stickers available, each representing a sector. You get to choose where your heart (and support) lies. And YES, we know it is a difficult choice. If you battle, why not get a sticker of each sector and … voila! Problem solved!

2. Next step is to buy a pair of out awesome Tekkie Tag shoelaces. They are full of bling this year. On 25th of May, you can cheer up your Tekkies with those bling-y laces … remember to leave a little sparkle and wear your Tekkies!


When is International Tekkie Tax Day?

The next International Tekkie Tax Day is on Friday, 25 May 2018.

WHERE can you get all your “Goodies & Gear”?

What does it cost?

A sticker alone is R10 donation and the Tekkie Tag shoelaces are R35 a packet (including your sticker and VAT)

What do you DO on International Tekkie Tax Day?

Wear your sticker/s as well as your Tekkies with our bling-y Tekkie Tag shoelaces on Friday, 25 May 2018. If possible, make your tekkies WORK that day and do something that really matters. The slogan says it all this year: “Leave a Little Sparkle … wear your Tekkies”. 2018 will be a Kind of Magic!!!

WHY should you wear the Tekkie Tax Sticker?

  • Show that you are “Protecting The Vulnerable”. Through your contribution & support, you earned the right to wear your tekkies for the day!

  • Support the cause close to your heart visibly.

  • Join in the fun!

Why is it called TAX?

It is all about having fun … fun … fun … and you pay “tax” to participate in this fun Campaign. And you make a difference in a society that needs it – Protecting The Vulnerable.

What is a TEKKIE?

The fashion gurus might not agree with this, but our definition is “any shoe with (or without) laces”. So have a look in your cupboard, there MUST be a pair …?