PinkDrive, in collaboration with cartoon writer Deni Brown and illustrator Jesse Breytenbach, has launched a new educational initiative, a comic strip called Girl Talk. Girl Talk will be introduced to South Africa on the 2nd of February 2018 to commemorate World Cancer Day. The weekly comic strip will address questions and fears regarding breast cancer and comment on myths and stigmas.  Readers will relate well to the various characters as they represent South Africans and their daily lives.

Noelene Kotschan, CEO and Founder of PinkDrive says the comic strip tackles the topic of breast cancer and aims to educate in a light and humorous manner. “Our aim at PinkDrive is to spread hope and to educate that “Early Detection Saves lives”. With this cartoon, subtle messages are woven in to make the reader aware of breast cancer.” Says Noelene.

For Deni, a breast cancer warrior, her aim is to bring messages across in the way she knows best. “Girl Talk gives me the opportunity to share some of my experiences and feelings during my own cancer journey. One needs to find the positive aspects when dealing with this serious disease. I do hope that the public will enjoy “Girl Talk” and will also be educated in the process.” Says Deni.


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