What is World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4 February and unites the world under a single theme to highlight the on-going fight against cancer.

World Cancer Day aims to reduce the number of preventable deaths each year by raising cancer awareness among the general public and pressing governments to take further action against the disease.

Why World Cancer Day matters

The global cancer epidemic is enormous and is set to rise. Currently 8.8 million people die from cancer worldwide every year, out of which 4 million are premature deaths (aged 30 to 69 years). Over the next ten years cancer deaths are projected to increase to over 14 million per year.

Urgent action must be take to raise awareness about the disease and to develop practical strategies to address the cancer burden. Global disparities in access to prevention, treatment and palliative care are growing exponentially.

World Cancer Day is the ideal opportunity to spread the word and raise the profile of cancer in people’s minds, in the world’s media, and on the global health and development agenda.

– Inspire Action, Take Action
– Prevent Cancer
– Create Healthy Schools
– Create Healthy Workplaces
– Create Health Cities

– Support Others to Return to Work
– Shape Policy Change
– Challenge Perceptions
– Build a Quality Cancer Workforce
– Improve Access to Cancer Care

– Make the Case for Investing in Cancer Control
– Join Forces to Make a Difference
– Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices
– Understand that Early Detection Saves Lives

– Return to Work
– Take Control of my Cancer Journey
– Ask for Support
– Make My Voice Heard
– Love, and be Loved