It’s all about data, more specifically, breast data. In June 2016, Praesignis signed a sponsorship agreement with PinkDrive to be their Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Partner. The proposed services entailed Data and BI Services, to support PinkDrive in achieving its goals to secure and retain long-term sponsorships and donors, which would assist them in building additional Mobile Health and Educational Units, as well as to extend their health screening and education services.

Praesignis has developed a customised solution for PinkDrive and we are proud to launch this platform during October, International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our vision was to provide a data and BI Platform that would optimise the collection, analysis and utilisation of all PinkDrive’s data, and significantly enhance and streamline existing fundraising campaigns and methods, as well as the management and utilisation of patient data and statistics.

The Objective
As a non-profit organisation, PinkDrive has an ongoing requirement to obtain funding and sponsorships, to maintain their existing Mobile Health and Educational Units, and to build additional units, to provide an ongoing and much needed service to medically uninsured women across South Africa.

Furthermore, PinkDrive is the only organisation in South Africa that has reliable statistical Breast Cancer data. This data is crucial for continuous Breast Cancer research, to help drive preventative measures, and ultimately contribute to finding a cure for Breast Cancer.

The Solution
The Praesignis PinkDrive Solution helps PinkDrive to uncover and manage the valuable information contained in their data and turn it into useful information. The solution provides the following services:
– Data Analysis
– Data Visualisation
– Predictive models
– Data Warehousing
– Data Quality management

And enables:
– The automation of collecting patient data.
– Protection of patient confidentiality.
– Automation of the recording of sponsorships and funding.
– Clear and accurate presentation of all patient and sponsor data, which greatly assists in obtaining new sponsors and donors.
– The ability to view all events for the next 12 months and see where their mobile assets like mammo trucks are scheduled for these events allowing them to effectively manage their mobile units and equipment.
– Inventory management of their sales stock.
– Management of contract renewals by flagging upcoming contract end dates to allow PinkDrive to renew sponsor contracts before they expire.

Going forward, the Praesignis PinkDrive Solution will simplify the data capture process at Mobile Units and Health Clinics. The platform can be accessed via smartphones and tablets, and links to “real-time” movement of the mobile health units, enabling PinkDrive’s medical staff to capture patient data “real-time”, which eliminates much of the previous back-office administrative processes.

The Praesignis PinkDrive Solution will assist PinkDrive in building sponsor and donor relationships through the full CRM functionality that is built into the solution. PinkDrive can now clearly demonstrate the effectiveness and successes of their model to sponsors through the presentation of patient statistics, campaign data and financial information in an “easy to understand” graphical visualisation.


“The Praesignis solution has been specifically designed to fit the needs of our organisation.” says PinkDrive’s Marketing Manager, Fébé Meyer.  “As we have different departments, our information is stored on various servers and this makes it difficult for information sharing. This system will assist us, to firstly centralise all our data, and secondly, enable us to interpret data to assist us with our endeavours, specifically pertaining to the medical field and patient data. With this solution, we will be able to draw certain conclusions regarding Breast Cancer.” Says Meyer.

PinkDrive has collected and recorded patient data since their inception in 2009, and they are excited to use this tool to assist them in making conclusions and recommendations based on true data. Going forward, this platform will allow them to link doctors and hospitals to their patient data, which will assist with the ultimate patient care in terms of reporting and patient follow up. This directly links back to PinkDrive’s ultimate mission to spread the message that “Early Detection Saves Lives!”

The new Praesignis PinkDrive platform is designed to ensure patient confidentiality is maintained. PinkDrive employees only have access where they need to give their data input. Their regional offices will have access to the necessary information and all employees will be informed of organisational activities.

The built in CRM function will benefit PinkDrive with their marketing efforts and assist in streamlining the management of sponsor relations.

“We at PinkDrive are ever grateful to Praesignis for choosing our organisation as their beneficiary. We could give our input from the inception of the project, making it a customised solution for PinkDrive.   During the testing phase, all our questions and requests were handled, addressing our organisation’s specific needs. We already know that this system will give us the additional time to focus on the task at hand! – Saving Lives through Early Detection.” Says Meyer.

For more information contact:
Liesl Lodewyk – Marketing & Events Manager
011 022 6812 / 083 648 0201