Gardening is good for the soul and having the right tools to do it makes the experience all the more pleasurable. What started out as a range of tools designed for townhouse-sized gardens, evolved into what is now known as the Lasher Ladies Range – tools made with particular attention to aesthetics, but with the same heavy duty effectiveness as all Lasher tools.

With the rise in popularity of townhouse living from the 1980’s, gardens were shrinking in size and many people stopped using gardening services in favour of doing their own gardening. Smaller spaces required smaller, more agile tools, and so the townhouse range was born.

At that time, the majority of the gardening was being done by women, which necessitated customising the designs of the main domestic range to suit their specific needs. Lasher Tools made smaller handles and other product tweaks so that the tools would be easier to use and more visually appealing. The Ladies Range is powder coated and epoxy finished – even if a tool has a tough job to do, it does not have to look unappealing while doing it.

Although called the Ladies Range, it is not just limited to women, as many men also use the range for smaller spaces. The range has been extremely successful, even boasting some unexpected applications like being used by groundsmen at half time during rugby and soccer matches to aerate the pitch.
“We place great importance in listening to our customers and finding out what they need to make their work easier, whether it be gardening or building. It gives us much satisfaction to know that we have been able to design a range that suits the ladies and we will continue to keep our ears to the ground to see how else we can improve and enhance our tools”, explained… from Lasher Tools.

According to a book called “Happiness by Design” by UK economist and behavioural scientist Professor Paul Dolan, one of the happiest of all professions is to be a gardener. He found that gardeners are nearly twice as happy as people in more prestigious and better paid jobs. All the more reason to start gardening today.

In honour of and in appreciation for all women this Women’s Month, Lasher Tools will donate a percentage to the PinkDrive for each set of tools sold from the Ladies Range in the month of August.

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