I would like to dedicate my effort to the wonderful women who like me walk this cancer journey, giving out encouragement and support to each other.  They know who they are.  They have oftentimes been a tremendous lifeline for me.

I was diagnosed with 4th stage breast cancer and had a double mastectomy in July of 2016.  Depression followed and the discovery that I made in order to shift the focus from “poor little me” to something wonderful and positive resulted in “A Box Full of Memories”.  The book deals partly with my cancer journey, memories of my childhood in post-war Italy, amusing incidents in my life, the power of love, family and friendship and other stories of my life’s experiences.

R40 will be donated for each book sold. The books costs R100.

I thank Pinkdrive for allowing me to use this project to hopefully help others through its donation.

Yours sincerely with love,
Bianca Berg-Mathiassen