FUTURELIFE® is excited to announce the launch of their new Brand Campaign on the 18th of July 2016. One of the main elements is a new television advert that has been produced to support the core brand.

The advert features a day in the life of four FUTURELIFE® Brand Ambassadors; and truly captures the essence that FUTURELIFE® supports them and their families’ lifestyles.

“Our new FUTURELIFE® brand advert captures the core of the brand: that FUTURELIFE® is a lifestyle, a way of life. Our brand ambassadors who are showcased in the new TVC are first and foremost mothers, fathers and individuals who are just like you and me. What sets them apart is that their careers are focused in sports or music. They have demanding lifestyles and still need to compete at the highest level in their respective fields. The fact that they choose FUTURELIFE® as an integral part of their and their families’ lives is testament to having a range of exceptional products that truly deliver.

FUTURELIFE® is still a relatively young brand comparative to the competitive landscape and we look forward to reaching new consumers and letting them experience what the brand is all about. We have diversified our product range to have something for each member of the family.” – David Sweidan, GM: Business and Marketing.

There is a 30” version that will be supported on TV through a well thought out media strategy, as well as a 60” version for digital media.

Below is an exclusive preview of the 60” version of the new commercial.


DJ Milkshake
Entrepreneur & Celebrity DJ

Q: What was your favourite moment at the shoot?
A: By far the party/nightclub scene.

Q: Why is FUTURELIFE® such an important part of your daily lifestyle and what makes the product so successful in your opinion?
A: It’s very easy to make and enjoy. I’m very busy so it works just the way I need and with all the right nutrients.

Matt Bromley
Student & Professional Surfer

Q: How does it feel to be in a FUTURELIFE® advert?
A: It was really awesome! We had a great crew that was flexible to let me do my thing in the ocean. One scene in particular was so beautiful. We were out on the boat at first light outside Noordhoek backline. When the sun rose, it created a silky orange ocean. Everyone was frothing!

Q: What main benefits do you enjoy about FUTURELIFE® and which products do you use the most from the range?
A: I really like the FUTURELIFE® High Protein Smart Food™. I had it over in Mexico with me now, and it was the perfect meal to get me going before I tackled the waves. I also really enjoy the High Protein SmartBars which are a great fuel for before and after surfing.

Irvette Van Zyl
Wife, Mom and Olympic Athlete

Q: With preparing for Olympics and being a new mom, your schedule must be demanding. How does diet play an important part of you achieving everything you need to in a given day?
A: Training, at this stage of my prep for Olympics, is at its peak. I am doing a lot of mileage to get to the speed I need to be. I usually train twice a day; and three times a week I train three times a day. Being a mom in-between can take a lot of planning. My diet needs to provide me with sustained energy. But I usually eat my FUTURELIFE® Smart Oats® in the morning and for lunch, I will have some toast and a smoothie where I mix FUTURELIFE® High Protein Smart Food ™ with bananas, peanut butter and some milk and dinner is usually carbs, meat and veg.

Q: People may not know this, but you and your husband are the first married couple to compete at the Olympics together. How does it feel to have someone by your side who understands the demands of what you do?
A: It is really exciting to know that LJ and I will share our second Olympics together and this time as a married couple. It is a special moment for us that we will remember forever. It definitely helps me that my husband is also an athlete. He understands what it takes and the sacrifices one has to make

Bernard Parker
Husband, Dad & Professional Soccer Player

Q: You are not only an incredible athlete but also an outstanding father. What one piece of advice do you give your kids that you hope they will remember in adulthood?
A: That they should always try to do good, be responsible and make the best out of everything.

Q: You have used FUTURELIFE® for some time now, what made you start using it and why would you recommend it to everyone to start using?
A: When I recommend FUTURELIFE® to someone I always tell them that “what you put in is what you get out”. FUTURELIFE® is the best there is and your body deserves the best.

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