Together with the folks at PinkDrive, you’ve done some extraordinary things in the battle against cancer. Bravo! You beauties!

As you know we are relentless in our drive to educate and empower people about breast health and are continuously looking for ways to spread the pink love even further. We know you share our passion so we’re beyond excited to announce that we’ve launched PinkDrive baskets on EasyEquities – another way for you to pack some extra pink punch in the fight against cancer.

EasyEquities, winner of the Financial Mail/Investors Monthly Top Stockbroker of the Year and Accenture Innovation awards, makes it easy for anyone to get in on the investing game. This super cheap online platform allows you to buy shares in the companies you know and love for as little as R5! They too are a little pink obsessed and have made a basket of shares available to purchase in support of our cause.

Buying one of these two gorgeous collections of shares, plump with PinkDrive associated sponsors and friends, is a double whammy win! It helps us get a little closer to achieving our goals to spreading awareness in the communities that really need it, while you get to kick-start your investment journey without having to worrying about what shares to buy. It’s all been done for you with the help of some fun and clever people.  The shares in the baskets have been selected and weighted by a power combo – our CEO Noelene Kotschan and top financial analyst Mark Ingham.

Here’s how it works

Signing up on EasyEquities is a total synch! Once you’ve registered and FICA’d you can start share shopping.

We have two baskets for you to choose from: The PinkDrive Blush Basket or The PinkDrive Bright Basket. Both contain the same shares but offer different basket fee options – the biggest chunk going to PinkDrive. Your pick depends on how much you would like to donate to the PinkDrive cause.

PinkDrive Blush Basket

Carries a 1% basket fee which is split as follows:

0.25% to EasyEquities

0.75% to PinkDrive

PinkDrive Bright Basket

Carries a 2% basket fee which is split as follows:

0.25% to EasyEquities

1.75% to PinkDrive

These are the shares you’ll get in either basket:

Join the fight with Blush or Bright:

Buy a Pink Blush Basket

Buy a Pink Bright Basket

Need help getting sorted with your EasyEquities account? Their team is happy to lend a hand! You can contact them on with any of your enquiries.