Futurelife has been nominated for the KZN Top Brand Awards 2016.

Go to www.kzntopbusiness.co.za to login and vote for Futurelife to become the Top Brand in 2016.

The 10th KZN Top Business Awards will be held on the 28 July at the Greyville Convention Centre in Durban. The prestigious event will be attended by an esteemed list of  guests representing provincial government,  municipalities, organisations and businesses across the province.

The Top Business Awards are powered by the eLan Property Group. CEO Mark Taylor said, “We are delighted to be part of this event as they have rightfully recognised some of the best businesses KZN has to offer. With our vast experience of dealing with business and government in the province, eLan Property Group’s intention is to play an ambassadorial role in promoting the province.”

The KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Awards honour the achievements of KwaZulu-Natal business people by identifying and celebrating business success in the province in a variety of business categories. Publisher Lalita Dhasiar Ventura said, “We believe that both the business and public sector in KZN play crucial roles in the province’s socio-economic growth. These Awards recognise and pay tribute to the world class enterprises we have in the province.”

Category Awards

Each of the category awards on offer celebrates and recognises business and organisational success across the economic sectors in both the private and public arenas.

Thegeneral category are:
1. Agriculture
2. Mining and Quarrying
3. Manufacturing
4. Utilities
5. Construction and Development
6. Trade
7. Transport, Storage and Communication
8. Financial and Business Services
9. Social and Community Services
10. Tourism
11. Municipal (Promotion)
12. Government (Promoting socio-economic growth)

Partnership Award

The Partnership Award acknowledges that many of today’s social, economic and education  challenges are so complex and interconnected that they can only be tackled by different sectors working together.

Top Brand
Creating and maintaining a leading brand in today’s business world isn’t easy. While brands come in and out of fashion, the one that continue to capture our attention and  win over our support do so by holding fast to their quality products or service.

Each year the much coveted Top KZN Brand award is given to the brand  has the most votes on a public online poll.  Voters are required to register by email and each person registered is allowed one vote.

Once more the interest shown in this award is reflected in the large number of votes cast. We are also delighted that companies take advantage of the opportunity by encouraging their staff members, clients and other stakeholder s to get involved. Twitter and Facebook were also abuzz with requests to go on line and vote.