Cancer? Sure, I know people with cancer. But me? Never. This happens to other people, ….  not to me.

And so when I went for an annual mammogram on 28 January this year, I could not believe it when the radiographer kindly, but definitely, announced that I had breast cancer. What? Not me.

That was a Thursday. By the end of the day I had had a biopsy (just to confirm her diagnoses), and by the following Tuesday I was in a breast cancer programme. The wheels were moving fast and continued to do so.  The biopsy results confirmed breast cancer. A hospital overnight to check the lymph’s followed. Lucky me, cancer had not yet invaded those glands.  That would have been far more serious resulting in a far longer and more severe healing process.

Surgery was followed by six weeks of radiation every day, and on 27 May (just four months after diagnosis) the radiation oncologist declared me “in remission”.

This journey has not been a walk in the park. I have at times wanted to cry, but mostly have been positive, have put my trust in our excellent doctors and cancer professionals. I kept telling myself how lucky I was. And I was lucky. Very lucky.

I am now getting on with my life, am still having to see the cancer specialist, to have regular sonar’s and mammograms, but this EARLY DETECTION has dealt me a very kind hand. I believe it was the regular mammogram visit that saved me.

I am blessed. Cancer (any cancer) diagnosis can mess with your mind;  it can mess with your family’s minds. It can seriously do cartwheels with your life. But …. Take all the precautions you can to prevent or at very least, to early detect, any cancer in your body.  Sell this message to all your friends and their friends.  They will thank you!

We are five siblings. Four of us have been cancer diagnosed. And four of us have been lucky enough to “catch” it early enough and we are all four in remission, Thanks to Early detection.