Sir Fruit has partnered with PinkDrive to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer awareness and education by donating a portion of proceeds to PinkDrive.

With the help from the public, Sir Fruit has already been able to make a substantial contribution to PinkDrive through sales of their Pink Lemonade. For every bottle of Pink Lemonade sold, Sir Fruit has donated 25 cents to PinkDrive.

To date, Sir Fruit has financially contributed close to R100 000.00 to PinkDrive and our fight against breast cancer.

“We really just want to do our bit to help spread awareness, so we’re selling our Pink Lemonade to help raise money for a good cause,” says Vijay Loosen, a Sir Fruit co-owner. “We sell to a lot of shops and so if someone picks up a Pink Lemonade, we are reaching another person with the message that ‘early detection saves lives’”.

Noelene Kotschan, Founder and CEO of PinkDrive expressed her sincere thanks to Sir Fruit and the public for actively making a difference. “Thank you to SIR FRUIT for supporting our initiative, your contribution makes a very big difference. It is because of the support from entities like Sir Fruit that PinkDrive is able to continue helping women and men across South Africa and spreading the message that early detection saves lives.” Kotschan said.

Sir Fruit and Pink Lemonade will continue to support PinkDrive in their amazing efforts, and invite the public to be part of this initiative by purchasing a Sir Fruit Pink Lemonade and help PinkDrive.

At Sir Fruit the integrity of our product is our No. 1 priority. We try our best to use minimal processing, so it mostly comes down to finding the best fruit and treating it as well as possible from the day we receive it to the day people all over South Africa enjoy it. We sell our juice to some of the best restaurants and hotels all over the country and our retail range is available in the top stores of the best nationwide retailers.

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